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MP Solutions

Solve Human Resource and Operations challenges with an expert consultant 

HR & Operations Consulting

Get operations and human resource infrastructure support for entrepreneurs and growing organizations. Whether nonprofit or for profit, Megan is here to help.




HR & People Operations


Finance Management



  • Address personnel concerns

  • Determine hiring needs, draft job descriptions, and implement compensation strategies

  • Ensure federal and state hiring and reporting compliance

  • Establish and improve employee benefits, including wellness, recognition, and development opportunities

  • Handbook and internal documentation draft and review

  • Leadership structuring

  • Onboard, Offboard employees

  • Performance review

  • Recruitment, interview, and lead the hiring process

  • Bank and investment account setup, best practice management

  • Budget creation and management

  • Independent audit management

  • Process and internal control setup

  • Contract negotiation

  • Create, review, and provide adjustments to internal systems

    • Insurance and tax filing requirements

    • Internal file sharing

    • Payment processing

    • Software systems and CRM management

    • Travel, reimbursement, and expense processes

  • Facilitate short and long-term strategic planning

  • Formulate documentation to create and reassess internal processes and guidelines

  • Governance work and staffing with Boards of Directors

  • Process research

“MP Solutions established the H/R and financial processes that helped scale our startup. By understanding our business model, future goals, and the culture we wanted to develop, Megan developed and deployed plans that addressed our most significant pain points.
Most importantly, Megan’s depth of experience resulted in customized solutions rather than the copy/paste exercises and hoping the efforts and outputs aligned."

David Widmar, Agricultural Economic Insights


Meet Megan

Megan Pinegar uses a people-first mentality while understanding the structural needs of organizations. She has extensive experience building and implementing consistent internal practices, fostering inter-team collaboration, and shaping leadership structures. Her proficiency includes fostering organizational growth, day-to-day management, strategic forecasting and planning, annual budget development and oversight, the employee life cycle, and staff development and engagement. She specializes in the curation and tailoring of individualized plans and programs to support creative and innovative ideas without losing sight of the mission.


Megan holds a master’s degree in public administration, a bachelor’s degree in political science, and is SHRM-CP certified.

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